“My Boys” (And a few girls)

In Deep Thoughts, Faith, Real Life on March 6, 2016 at 6:01 am


I often say I am Nanny McPhee who has not yet finished her “lessons” to her charges.  This is generally said because I also am blessed with a “fang” in front. (of my own making, when I was a child, my front baby tooth fell out, (as they always do,)  only out of curiosity I explored the subsequent hole with a toothpick, and it broke off, and the piece stayed there til the new tooth came in around it, pushing the piece of toothpick out and causing the tooth to move forward and for some unknown reason, grow continually, albeit slowly. I have had to have the tooth filed on occasion over the years, but have not done it in some time so I kind of look like a combination of Nanny McPhee  and Ollie of Kukla, Fran and Ollie fame.

Not sure why I decided to go off on this particular physical flaw of mine at the beginning of this post, I guess because it has always been an embarrassment to me, I have never known what I might have looked like with straight teeth, and it is the one thing that pops out (pun intended) at anyone meeting me for the first time. I watch as people watch me talk and I see their eyes go continually to this mouth of fang, and wonder how much of what I say they are hearing or are they just mesmerized by my snaggletooth.

So yea, back to the Nanny McPhee analogy. Over the years, online I have met many young people. I play online games and of course it is very hard not to meet them if you are a gamer. I have also had numerous encounters with young people in the real world, as well.  Because of my own troubled youth, I have always felt “called” to help young people through some of their more difficult times in life, in some way if I can. I have even felt that God leads to me kids (or kids are led to me) that need special guidance or encouragement.  Most of these kids have been boys, but I have had a few girls too.  I have, however, always called them “My Boys”.  Most of them even over a course of 20+ years have kept in touch with me and though they are grown now do still come back for advice, or encouragement, or commiseration from time to time.

During this time, as they have in their time discovered I am dying, they have sent me so many kind notes and letters telling me how I changed their lives, how much I taught them, and what I meant to them during those difficult days, I have been blessed to know that I made a difference. This is such a special gift to me. I could of course hope that some word or help that I offered was of some use, but to hear from them has so touched my heart over the past couple months, and I am so very thankful.

I don’t even care that I did not get rid of my fang.





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