Tell Them Its Ok To Talk about the CANCER

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2016 at 10:07 am

There is a great movie “Terms of Endearment” that if you want a good weeper, you should see if you have not. To force out some good sobs and tears (remember there is always sadness in death, and sad is not a bad thing, and letting yourself have a good cry is very cleansing), and there is a scene in it that I love. Well, several scenes, actually but this one is currently stuck in my head. I guess because I find the cancer easy to talk about and I don’t mind if people ask me questions. I also have always had this odd ability to step outside myself and look at myself clinically in a very objective way. And of course there is this inner teacher screaming to get out.  I also find that if I let go of a good cry, the laughter later is easier and better.

There are other good “death” movies that will make you sob: “Steel Magnolias”, “Beaches”,

There is a scene in “Beaches” (I cannot find it online) where the two main characters are talking and Bette Midler’s character says “My memory is long.” and the dying character says “I am counting on it”. It always struck me. The death scene in this one is also very poignant.  “Beaches” though for me, will always be in my heart my sister Denise. Denise was always the wind beneath my wings. She encouraged me, listened to me, aimed me to my dreams and told me to go for it. Without her strength, I would have been so much less than I am now.  When I graduated Nursing School I dedicated Wind Beneath My Wings to her as “our” song.




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