3 on a Match or some such Nonsense

In Deep Thoughts, Faith on January 18, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Not going to try to pretty this up with pictures and such since I just got back the ability to type and use my computer and language and still getting used to the whole blind thing in my right eye. I will try to get the technical word for what happened to my eye eventually, I see the oncology doctor Friday, and will ask him. Sisters did a great job keeping track of things, just do not have the lust for new words in the same way I do, and certainly did not know that word would need to be added to my vocabulary. It will be, however….oh yes, it will be.

So, where to begin with all this? Do we begin at the beginning, or tuck pieces of that in along the way? Life is a spiritual journey, will people understand if they do not know in part at least the paths you have trod along the way?  I may either make sense or come off as a raving lunatic. I will tuck it in, or go on long diatribes if the need fits, I guess.

Lets start with current situation.

I am dying. I have brain/lung cancer of the aggressive form, and will die this year. 6-7 months is the prognosis.

I have been sick in some fashion for some time, and as is my way I have not tried to go crazy overboard and diagnose myself with brain cancer, although certainly if there were a time to do this, now would have been the time. Denise and I were together when the news came down, and as the words were spoken, I could see her steel herself up for the journey ahead. Over the next few days in the hospital and they poked prodded, pinged and wing dinged, I just allowed others who love me to care for me, while I drifted into the arms of my loving Savior Jesus Christ for perfect peace in whatever the verdict was.

In the end, it is the most beautiful experience I have had in my life. There is so much I can say, and will say, and my hope is that in some small way the profound deepening of my faith through this will in some way strengthen yours. Please pray merely that God give me the ability to share this with you.




  1. I’m glad you’re sharing your journey(?) with us. I’m not sure what to say… At first I was upset about hearing your diagnosis but reading about your strong faith put me at ease. In a way I’m glad you will be with your loved ones who have passed and our Savior but I have to say I’m going to miss your red headed rants! You’ve been such a good friend since the paper baghead days of YouTube, LOL! Praying for you and thinking of you. Now off to add lots of pepper to food! *Hugs*

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