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Meat Cake and Other Food Atrocities

In Junk Drawer on February 9, 2014 at 11:59 pm

I recently had a discussion with John about a thought that had been mulling around in my head for some time, and that is the ludicrous fixation that vegetarians and vegans have in trying to fool themselves that they are eating meat with the various “meat like” imitations they produce. First off, they have chosen to be vegan or vegetarian, and you would think that if they had chosen this “lifestyle” because they loved vegetables and not as either a knee jerk politically correct decision or some silly “anti meat” crusade, then they would just eat their chosen foodstuffs with zeal and gusto and worship them in their pure form, and not go to mind-boggling extremes to fool themselves that they are eating something that they supposedly abhor, and have rejected. Instead they go to great lengths to change vegetable matter so that it “looks and tastes like meat.”

Granted most of the “meats” made from vegetables, no matter how you slice it (forgive the pun) are, I suppose no substitute for the real thing, indeed I would say that most are probably unpalatable.

Although to be honest, being a die hard carnivore, I have not tried any, other than my own homemade lentil burgers (which were not too bad, but I knew they were not meat, and called them patties, and not burgers, to be honest) during a brief meatless foray during the 70’s in my hippy dippy days.  But even as a meat eater I often turn my nose up at things like “Turkey Ham” and “Turkey Bacon” because they are not the “real thing”.   And I would venture to guess those people who inconsistently go vegan or vegetarian and still crave meat enough to eat Fake Meat, count themselves among the people who protest McDonald’s “pink goo” as “not meat”. Why do they care? They are not eating it. Have these people ever seen sausages made? Its all pink goo!

In all honesty I have never identified with the food I eat enough, nor have I been fixated and am not inclined to give over that much time in my life to the stuff that I stuff my mouth with. I eat to stay alive and if I wake up breathing every morning, I figure I must have eaten enough to do that.

I also wonder why carnivores have never felt a need to make vegetables out of meat. Think of it! Green beans made from bacon! Iceberg lettuce made from liver! Juicy tomatoes made from pure Angus! Where is the demand for Un-veggies?

I may have discovered a hereto untapped market in the food industry!