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My Learning Curve is a Knot

In Real Life on December 27, 2013 at 12:59 pm


So, I am still figuring out the whole tablet thing, and to my credit I guess, I have learned over the course of one week quite a lot. I try not to take on too many things at once and save the really geeky things for a day when my brain can take it. The camera and such was pretty straight forward, apps and downloading those, easy peesey lemon sqeezey, although finding the correct app which does exactly what what I wish it to do is sometimes a pain, and a game of trial and error. It was just this sort of error that sent me to the May day button for the first time, (Which, btw, is one of the best business decisions made in recent years by a tech company in my opinion) anyway, deleting an app sent me to the hot button, because—derp I had not yet got my brain wrapped around the whole idea of my finger doing more than tapping or swooshing.

So today was a geeky day, and I learned about file storage and the cloud and apps that help me be neat and tidy. I have always tried to be neat and organized about files since my first computer in 1988, this, mostly due to my father’s tutelage “back in the day”. My second geeky task was to learn how to at least insert one of my many banners into the top of this post, which also turned out to be fairly simple, although I am still twisting my brain around how to put in one of my footers as well. I may just save that for another day,  I think my brain has hit critical mass for today, and besides, I have laundry to fold and floors to mop and booties to crochet.


The Luddite Shall Be Quashed

In Quickie Update, Real Life on December 23, 2013 at 9:31 am

This is my first post using my new toy I got from Santa (aka John, my dearest love), so it shall remain simple and without media inserts since I have not yet learned to do that with any aplomb. I had told him a few weeks past that I had made a decision regarding my entry into the world of “smart” devices— tablets and such, and that it was to be the Kindle Fire HDX. I have been delighted with my original Kindle, as an avid reader for greater than 55 years, who would not want to carry around a pocket full of hundreds of books. As an old school gamer, this was like the magic of a rune of holding!

I am not sure I will use this method for all my posts to my blog, but it is simple to do, and perhaps it will augment my blurting out more of my randomness more often.

I cannot help but think of my father, who in the 60’s had a conversation with my mother telling her of the wonders of the future, and that someday computers would be as light as paper, and you would hold them like a clipboard.

I can feel him looking down on me now from heaven, and he is tickled.