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Clusters and Clowders and Herds and Swarms

In Coffee Fueled Rants, Politics on November 9, 2012 at 1:28 pm

I spent a couple days in complete shock that Obama was reelected, and even somewhat depressed. There is no doubt that if we are honest with ourselves, the Republic is dead, and what we have in American is a Democracy bordering on Oligarchy. There is no guarantee anymore that the minority’s rights will be protected.  I hear the talking heads talking about who “we” are as a people, while in the next breath marginalizing  and dismissing who I am. I have no place here anymore. I am an outcast–A stranger in a strange land.  President Obama hates me. He has proved as much by his derision and ridicule of everything I believe in, the core of my being.

I listen to the pundits muse on why the Republicans lost and what they should do to “right” themselves. I hear them talking about all the “groups” of people we need to appeal to. Put the vaginas in a box here, put the sombreros over there in that one. Is America the only country that has all their people separated into tiny groups based on some aspect of their physical body? If America is this, then indeed the Republican party has no place here, because we innately find the idea of categorizing people repulsive. We are the party of individuals, not “interest groups”.

If we were honest we would see it clearly and that is that most of the people in America are so ignorant they are willing to believe anything they hear or see on their television set. They are lazy and want to be spoon fed their opinions by the media. For years and years they have been told that the Republicans are the big bad boogie man, and want to poison the earth and let poor people starve, and keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen boiling up a pot of beans. None of this is true, but we let it pass, because we believe, wrongly, that no intelligent person would believe such tripe. Ok, perhaps we believe rightly that no intelligent person would believe it, but the American Electorate are NOT intelligent. They are dolts. They are the watchers of “Real Housewives” and “Honey Boo Boo”. They get their news from Comedy Central, and make decisions based on emotions.

And the Democrats played them like cheap violins. They appealed to their fears, and created new ones. They drug out the specter of the  Republicans as “social issue boogie men” who had a war on women, gays, black people, red people and purple people.  They hauled out their favorite super hero: DISTRACTION MAN to feed the pablum to a willing and ignorant and mostly brain-dead electorate, so that they would not see that our ambassador and 3 others were killed while our president slept and then went off to Vegas. That there is still almost 8 percent unemployment. That Guantanamo is still alive and well. That the war in Afghanistan is still being waged. None of this matters….because women are too poor to afford birth control pills.

The Democrats made it about “social issues”. Which mean so very much during elections, but absolutely nothing while governing. And the brainless Boob Tube watchers came out in droves, and pulled their free sucker shaped levers in the voting booth. We are a nation of idiots and the Oligarchy knows it.

So we are going over the cliff, and I say ok, then step on the gas. Rip the bandage off all at once. Let it bleed.