The Tittering Tyranny of Tyria

In Guild Wars 2 on October 30, 2012 at 3:21 pm

For the past week or two my displeasure and disappointment with what previously was my all time favorite game had grown to the point that I can barely bring myself to play anymore, except out of extreme boredom, and then I usually just go in and farm some crafting materials for the Guild Bank and then leave. In all honesty, it has me questioning whether I am just too old to play online games of the MMORPG type anymore. It seems they have evolved into something that is not geared towards folks like me.

When Guild Wars 2 began, and indeed, all during Beta, I was excited that perhaps….perhaps….the developers “got it” —that grinding and farming is not fun. And games should be fun. The drop rates for shiny stuff was perfect, the game play was challenging, but not geared towards min-maxing power gamers, and there were puzzles and things to accomplish that were not based solely on the pounding away of the wasd and F Keys.

Sadly, after just 2 months after launch, this is what it has become. After nerfs of the drop rates of even the most basic items, insertion of “diminishing returns” on everything to thwart the “gold farmers” (who will never be thwarted,—-they never have…they never will—, and if Guild Wars thinks they will be the first to do it, and by god, their user base be damned in the process, then I believe they need their heads examined.) But this is exactly the direction it has taken. Much of what they do to punish the gold farmers, instead punishes their user base.  In guild wars 2, at this stage of the game, only power-gamers, exploiters, or cheaters win. Truly sad.

The launch was a complete disaster, with hacking and bannings and a kind of mindset took over at Arenanet that is almost Tyrannical in nature. The “customer support” was almost non-existent, and when you finally did get someone to assist, you were met with snide derision and sometimes out and out abuse. Now, two months in, you are just ignored.

I rarely if ever post in the forums, but after the current Holiday Event was so horrendously askew and bugged, I did finally post, and my post was immediately censored. Why? Because I used the word “Nazi” in my post. Not calling anyone a Nazi, but merely pointing out that the “Burning book backpack” that is a reward in the current event is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. How ironic that I would be censored for pointing out that an item reminds me of a time of extreme censorship.

Here is a copy of the entire post made by me:


This is an automated message. Your post in Crunchy Coco Puffs Death To You! was infracted.

Your original post in Crunchy Coco Puffs Death To You!:

Cut Scene was terrific.

Having 100 mobs kill me while I was attempting to genuflect to a pumpkin-headed King cost me a couple silvers for repairs, followed by a complete freeze of computer, not so much.

So Halloween has been …uh….interesting.

So far, no drops of goodies other than candy corn that makes me puke. Oh, and a semi-complete title, that will stare at me in its incompleteness for years to come….

Being a “care bear” have spend around 5 gold to take OTHER people around Tyria to help them get a backpack shaped like a book, and another that is a burning book. (Wait, is this Fahrenheit 451? Nazi Germany?)

I think I am skipping next Halloween completely. I hate to even contemplate the FUN of Wintersday. I may start my hibernation cycle now.

Moderator Notes:

Please refrain from making sensationalistic threads

  • The message was deleted.

If you believe you have received this infraction in error or wish to make an appeal, please send an e-mail to


I wrote to the twice to appeal the infraction, and got the usual response: They are not replying, but ignoring me, they do not have time for customer service, they are too busy counting their money in their ivory tower to be bothered with us peons down here.

My post above is not the least bit “sensationalistic”, and is mild in comparison with many on the subject of the Halloween Event and all its foibles.  A quick search of the forums with the word Nazi will garner you hundreds of other posts that use this word, and NOT in its historical context, as mine was,  but as a derogatory pejorative. Yet mine was deleted, and I was “infracted”.

Tyria, apparently is a dictatorship. Who knew?


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