And That’s a Wrap!

In Real Life on October 30, 2012 at 8:10 am

Winter is upon us again. The seasons have wrapped around, my birthday has come and gone, and we are staring at the holidays again.

Personally, I am glad I don’t do holidays unless forced to anymore. They are much more trouble than they are worth, at least to me, and I would prefer things be quiet and relaxed, and holidays never work out that way. Mysi had her pumpkin carving party at her house last weekend, and I hear it was a great success, but I begged off going because I have had a touch of sadness fall over my mood lately, and I don’t really like to share those things with other people, much. Miss Downy Clowny. That is me.

Yesterday was my baby girl’s birthday, but she has not spoken to me with any regularity since the big liberal/conservative showdown fight we had years ago. Liberals are so tolerant of other people’s ideas, don’tchaknow, and unfortunately my daughter falls into that whole non-tolerant tolerant mindset. I finally gave up on having any relationship at all with her a year ago, and if truth be known, I wish she had never found me. The heartbreak of it all is too much for me at times. I did send her a tweet to wish her a happy birthday, so if she sees it, she at least knows I remember, but I doubt she will, and I am pretty certain she will not respond. Her mother is a conservative heretic, afterall.

A week from today is election day, and I am hoping it is a landslide. Of course considering the great lengths the Democrats will go to to cheat, including trying to postpone the election because of a hurricane, (sorry D guys, not constitutional, derp) In any case it is time to send the radical progressives packing. Too bad that they do not see that losing the election is probably the best thing that could happen to them, because if they win it will completely rip off their shiny happy mask and show the rest of the ugliness that lies beneath. 4 more years of this crap would demolish progressive thought into the trash heap of discarded thoughts where it belongs, once and for all. Losing the election will at least give them a reprieve, so they can continue to dream of unicorn farts and a perfect world where everyone does what the machine wants, without protest.

John has open heart surgery a month and some back, and is recovering nicely. I got to keep the dog for a while, and he is back into the groove of not getting away with murder like he does when he lives with John. I enjoy having him here, he is a great little furry ball of love.

Cold here today, but colder over towards the East, and although I think the Yankees are wimps when it comes to storms, (seriously the winds with this storm were no worse than a common thunderstorm in these parts) I do pray for them, especially since I know they are so inadequately prepared to deal with big winds.


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