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The Crazies in the Mondo World

In Coffee Fueled Rants on July 28, 2012 at 5:33 pm


I was going to rant about the shooting in Aurora all week, but I am ranted out. But I did want to mark the time, and say that I am also cried out and prayed out about it. I will never understand crazies and the lunatics who jump to idiotic conclusions about them and begin to blame inanimate objects and whole groups of people for evil massacres that one lone crazy did because he had delusions ruling his synapses.

For a week, I have wanted to smack people up side the head and tell them to shut the hell up. Can we give the victims a bit of peace for a week or two? Can we all just set our differences aside for a moment and just pray together and meditate on our own lives and loved ones?

Anyway, a week ago a madman shot up a movie theatre and changed lives forever. I hope he fries.



Musical Servers Oh Joy!

In Bards Suck, Coffee Fueled Rants, Guild Wars 2 on July 20, 2012 at 7:07 am


Well I read this post in the Guild Wars 2 log and apparently our Home World we chose so carefully (because the developers admonished us to do so, since it was “permanent”) has been axed. Yes, folks, Blazeridge Mountains Homeworld is no more, so we are stuck choosing another server. I am going to go ahead and make an executive decision as Guild Leader and choose Blackgate Homeworld as our server this BWE, and we can decide before launch if that is where we wish to remain—since we have no clue whether the server names are final or if they are going to be in a continual state of flux. Someone please give the engineer in charge some ritalin, thanks, drive through.

I am a tad disappointed that the elimination of our first home-world screws up our choice of Guild Name for Guild Wars 2, but since Blazeridge Mountains does actually exist in the Guild Wars  2 World, and I do like our choice of Guild Name, I am not all that keen in changing anything. It does tick me off, however. Guess it is up for discussion.

I will go in today and change our Message of the Day in the old Guild Wars 1 Guild, so people who log into Guild Wars 1 will know we switched to Blackgate. I will have to catch up with people in OTHER GAMES who were told where to find me somehow…what a big hot mess.  Of course this does a LOT to build confidence in the people I talked into trying Guild Wars again this time around for me to tell them that Servers were eliminated and gosh I have no clue what they will do at launch since they apparently don’t have a clue what they are doing either….

See you in game…that is if I don’t put my CE edition up for sale on Ebay and decide I like the public library better than gaming as a pastime.


Dreams Of An Everyday Housewife

In Real Life on July 12, 2012 at 12:10 pm

I have not written in a while, and I promised myself (as I always do) that I would keep my journal up to date. Lately, to be honest, I have been deep into the mundane chores of everyday life. I cleaned out the master (John’s) bedroom, took down the curtains and washed them. Sister Denise came over to help me rehang them, after I had spent 3 hours trying to get the hooks in correctly and evenly and hit critical mass in my tolerance for the chore and something was going to be drop-kicked to the yard. It ended up being a pleasant evening with little sister, laughing at how many times we helped our mother with the same chore, and me, of course mentioning that had these things been engineered by a woman they would not be this difficult.

I cleaned out a few drawers, and began to wonder about junk drawers, why they grow exponentially, and what that says about us, as people. Everyone has a junk drawer. Do a google image search and you will see them in all their glory, from overstuffed and cluttered to anal-retentive neatness. Personally I think there must be something wrong with anyone who keeps their junk drawer organized. This one comes up when you search for “Martha Stewart Junk Drawer”:

Martha Stewart Junk Drawer

Kind of gave me the creeps.  In any case I managed to purge a teeny-weeny bit of junk out of one junk drawer before I gave it up as futile. The drawer closes, therefore it is not too full, is my motto.

I have this “Aunt Lolly Wild Hair” kind of idea regarding bookmarks, and so I spent some time with Crafty Sister Milly talking to her about my idea, and am going to work on it over at her house—where all crafting should occur. She gave me some lovely papers by this guy Tim Holtz. A fella after my own heart, with his vintage and distressed look papers and techniques. I am not a scrap-booker like my sister, but I have always loved nifty paper. Probably because I love old books.

Other than that, just the same old stuff that life is made of going on in this part of the woods. Reading several books, my current obsession is North Korea, but I will talk more about books in another post. I have had several good “riled up” thoughts regarding the current presidential race and politics in general, but none have got me so fired up that I felt I had to just rant for a while. It is coming though…

Hermetically Sealed By Monkeys on the Moon

In Coffee Fueled Rants, Deep Thoughts on July 2, 2012 at 11:02 am

The interwebs hates me.

Yesterday I discovered that Google Chrome had decided to change my “new tabs” page to include pages THEY had deemed important to me.  Also the “new tab” feature shuffles the sites on that page whenever it sees fit so it is ever changing. Consequently it is another “rat in the maze” trick that the nameless faceless monkeys on the moon of the internet have decided is good for me.

Most “Social Media” is discernibly anti-social. Most of the sites that do “social media” never consult the users of their program, nor do they do studies that might gather data on how their sites ARE used (other than minimal studies to see how best to earn revenues off their users) before the same said monkeys on the moon decide they will switch it all up for us, and tough titties, like it, or leave it. Daily I am tempted to do the latter.

Most of these “Social Media” companies are run by kids half my age, and at the risk of sounding like a cane-waggling-get-off-my-lawn curmudgeon, most of them are woefully ignorant of how real social interactions take place, since they spend an inordinate amount of time in small closed rooms “connecting” to others via various electronic devices.  It should be a requirement that anyone remotely involved in making decisions about social media should at least have a modicum of education in the field…say… Sociology 101, perhaps a class in Groupthink, or an entry level “group dynamics” class.

It is all  some grand experiment we are all unwittingly a part of—Anyone who thought life was a rat’s maze “back in the day”—need only log onto any social site to know the maze is bigger, more complex, and the guys in charge of the maze are reminiscent of the kid in your first grade class who was perpetually in the corner with a dunce cap on his head.

The fact that the people in charge are unreachable to the masses, and they control so much of our lives is enough to give anyone the 1984 heebie jeebies. There is no friendly face to Google. They are not interested in you (despite what some foil hat wearing nincompoop tells you) outside of a data number. There is no “contact us” form for this huge data-hungry langolier.  If the occupy people really wanted to go the epitome of “the nameless faceless greedy corporation” they would have camped out at the steps of Google Inc.