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I Was Retro Before Retro Was Cool

In Real Life on June 30, 2012 at 9:54 pm

This morning started out to be just another mundane-clean-the-house-and-read-a-good-book kind of Saturday. I woke up in a semi-foul mood due to having to deal with the bank the previous evening, and going into one of my infamous screeching rants with anyone who would listen (usually this is Denise and/or John, with the first one to answer the phone getting the brunt of the tirade).  I had planned on going to this “Hippy Junk” fest thingy with Denise and Mysi, but had begged off going because my head was full of white-hot anger and indignation, and that is not the me that anyone wants to be around.

But love and light intervened, my sister and niece entered the fray and slew the dragon for me and then showed up at my door with hugs and kisses that soothed my soul, so I ended up going with them to this kind of retro-crafty-thing taking place out at one of the buildings at the fairgrounds.

Apparently my taste in stuff is all the rage again.  I have always been into “retro”, for about 30 years or so. My house decor is kind of a hodge-podge of stuff from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. My favorite color is various shades of teal. I am a thrift store “reclaimer/recycler/reuser”.  Not quite a hoarder, but I do have a tendency to “collect”.  I used to have a lot more, but I have purged a lot in recent years. Mainly because I fear my niece being overloaded with the clean out after I die.  Although I still go to the thrift on occasion, I do not pick up as much stuff as I used to, because I have everything I could ever need. my house is filled to overflowing with junk. But I still like to look.

Now that I know Mysi is open to used/reclaimed furniture, I won’t have to pass up so many things that I see need some love and a good home—and are cheap!



Tell Us How You Really Feel, Nalora

In Coffee Fueled Rants, Real Life on June 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm

So I am angry. My bet is a lot of people are about now. Let’s hope it carries through til November and we can take the Senate, extend control of the house, and take the white house out of the hands of the lunatics currently in charge, and finally, once and for all REPEAL this law before it is too late. It would be NICE if our state governors who won those state houses based mostly on the idea of the 10th amendment would do their jobs about now and save us from this over-reaching federal monstrosity by doing a little nullification, but so far I have seen very little of that coming down the pike.

I still do not understand how people with even half a brain believe that Government run healthcare is a good thing. There are so many completely moronic deluded imbeciles that believe that with the passage of this monstrosity of a bill, they are suddenly, miraculously and magically going to get healthcare….FOR FREE.  They believe that Obama and his cohorts in crime up there in DC just made going to the Dr.’s office a right! Who ARE these people? You still have to BUY INSURANCE you numnuts! Have you enjoyed dealing with Insurance companies up to this point? Have they made HEALTHCARE BETTER? No, my little mushy-brained friends, they have not. In fact, if you had the brains God gave a goose you would realize that since the advent of health INSURANCE, healthcare —-YOU KNOW THE ACTUAL SERVICE that your insurance is PAYING FOR, has become more and more complex, more and more difficult with each passing decade that the insurance companies have been in between YOU and your healthcare provider. The insurance companies have made Doctors, Hospitals and other Healthcare providers JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to be REIMBURSED for those SERVICES. You just coated those hoops with fire and made them smaller, and more numerous. You just smashed a big honkin’ pile of manure on top of it called the US GOVERNMENT. Now, not only do you have the Insurance companies to deal with, but you have to deal with the Government as well.  Do you enjoy the torture of Bureaucracy? Do you enjoy feeling less and less like a patient and more and more like a number/a diagnosis/a faceless entity?

How the hell does anyone who knows anything at all about how our bloated behemoth of a federal government works, come away with the bright idea that allowing them control of our healthcare is a wise idea? If this load of crap is not repealed, every time you are mired in red tape to get the slightest minor ailment looked after, every time you are on the phone for hours meandering through the myriad of electronic voices, every time you find yourself in front of a pile of papers that must be filled out in triplicate, just go up to your DEMOCRAT friends and smack them up side the head and ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

Poop On A Stick

In Coffee Fueled Rants, Deep Thoughts on June 28, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I made a new political Banner today (above), to let people know when I would be yammering about politics, since we are now knee-deep into the political season. Kind of gives you a heads-up that I might be spewing forth with my own opinions, which, to this day are still allowed in this ever-limited-free-country we live in.

As I have said before I am a conservative, although many see most of my political viewpoints to be more libertarian in nature, and at times, I agree. However, I am very hawkish about national defense, and most of my views concerning foreign policy, war and national defense are based on a study of human nature and history, and diverge sharply with true libertarian ideology.  I was much more liberal or leftist in my youth, when I was prone to think the world could be changed by sheer will alone, and when I did not take into full account the prevalence of true evil in the world. Evil is. It cannot be changed or eliminated by wishful thinking. It can be contained to a large extent, and has been, for some time by strong deterrents—that is, The United States military. One thing that dyed-in-the-wool liberals do not comprehend (among a myriad of other things) is that the world is safer, in general, because most of the world is covered by the protective umbrella of the United States military.  Liberals are always pointing out how other economies in other countries are so great, but they never pick up on the fact that many of those countries do not have the extra burden of defending the world from tyrants, despots and crazies. That is our job…and we pay for it. Americans pay for our military, and our military protects other countries who have minimal, if any military force.   Many countries do not even have any military today, but instead depend on the United States Military (and American taxpayer)  to keep the dogs at bay.

Many very rich countries still receive huge amounts in USAID, as do many countries who are very vocal about their desire for our destruction, and some who are out and out enemies of the US.  But if a conservative speaks out even once about how we should cut off  USAID, the liberals get their undies in a wad and begin to call all conservatives heartless cruel mean people who want poor people to die.  Liberals want to help the poor, but they don’t want to think about the poor or have the poor in their face when they help them. They prefer a “generic poor” that can be categorized, filed and shipped off via Government Bureaucracy. They want their “charitable giving” to be done in the form of taxes, so that helping the poor does not interrupt their watching the Kardashians, or Lady Gaga.  Conservatives prefer, as Jesus Christ did, that we help the poor individually, so that our empathy and understanding of the poor increases. In this way a monetary gift to the poor becomes a spirtual gift to yourself.  You grow, you learn. Governments do not learn or grow spirtually, because their spirit is merely a reflection of the body politic, and currently that is one of corruption and deceit. You cannot truly understand or even help the poor if you relinquish your responsibility to them by foisting them off on your Government.

Ah, but I could yammer on about Liberals for days and days, but what I wanted to say was that the Republic died today. The SCOTUS has told us that the Government can make us do anything now, all they need do is pass it as a tax.

In 20 years a Government study will find that Poop on a Stick is good for you.  Shortly after that, the study will be used by the US Government to force you to buy Poop on a Stick or face a penalty.  This in essence is the healthcare law.  I do wonder if we passed a law based on the study that Gun owners are safer and live longer than non-gun owners, and then passed a law that stated every American must own a gun “for the good of the country”.  How that would fare in the liberal circles.

It is akin to this: What if homosexuality was, indeed, found to be genetic, and suddenly there was an uptick in the number of abortions based on “sexual preference” that could now be detected in the womb? Do you suppose there would be an outrage, and calls for anti-abortion laws to be passed that ban abortions based on “sexual preference”?  Strange that today the liberals will not do the same for gender based abortions. The true war on women in this country is in the womb.

In 1969, John Lennon caused a big ruckus with the release of a single called “Woman is the Nigger of the World”, to which Rep. Ron Dellums (D, California, Member of the Congressional Black Caucus) released the following statement:

“If you define ‘niggers’ as someone whose lifestyle is defined by others, whose opportunities are defined by others, whose role in society are defined by others, then Good News! You don’t have to be black to be a ‘nigger’ in this society. Most of the people in America are ‘niggers”

Thanks to the SCOTUS decision today, we can honestly say “We are all Niggers Now.”


In Bards Suck, Guild Wars 2 on June 28, 2012 at 10:48 am

Guild Wars 2 announced this morning they would launch August 28, 2012. Are you ready?!?

Blog post is here.

And official Video

Gonna Get All Up in Your Face A Tad

In Chihuahua Emporium Rag, Coffee Fueled Rants, Real Life on June 26, 2012 at 7:12 am

Everyone who knows anything at all about me, knows I am a News and Politics Junkie. I have been all of my life. From the days of my liberal-wide-eyed-ignorant-gonna-change-the-world Youth, to the adult, older and wiser about human nature and history liberty loving present day self.  I have, at times, on my old blog, voiced my opinion (and my dissent) but since moving over here to wordpress I have done very little of that. Indeed, I have kind of struggled with what exactly I wanted to do with this blog at all. Part of that comes from my initial difficulties of leaving Live Journal behind, as I had blogged there for almost 10 years.

But I like WordPress better, the interface, the ease of use, and I knew eventually the time would come when my writing creative juices would flow again and I would want to begin to speak about not only gaming and online activities here, but to also blog about my life and interests, as I had before. This past week I have had a plethora of thoughts in my head, that needed more than my usual pen and pencil journals that lay scattered in various corners of the house.

I do wonder at times if it is even possible for me to be completely open and honest and up front on an online blog, So much of who we are and what we do is hidden from public view. Then there is the idea of specialization. That a blog should have an overall topic. But that just  furthers the warped view of individuals as single aspect entities. In any case I am going to see what I can do about finally fleshing out longer and more substantial thoughts here on this blog, and use it for more than just one aspect of who I am.

Today is a library day for me. My bestest bud Jeannie is going to come over and we are going to 1. Go and vote. 2. Go to the Library. 3. Go to Lunch. Perhaps I will finally get some of my thoughts together and write later.

BWE2 for Guild Wars 2

In Bards Suck, Guild Wars 2 on June 19, 2012 at 7:34 am

I have not written about the second BWE (Beta Weekend) in Guild Wars 2 yet, but thought I would give it a try today. This time around, Adevar  finally came in with me and it was even more fun for me because I had him to play with. We truly had a grand time.

There was a small glitch at the beginning that I hope the Guild Wars 2 team does a major rethink of, and that is how the populations of various Home World Servers are handled. For me, and for many, this is a real worry for the future of Guilds that would like to increase in population later, as the game progresses. Our server was deemed “full” and We switched servers for a while, but since our World Server decision was the impetus to our renaming the guild for Guild Wars 2, Having to again re-choose a server because we happened to fall into the most populated server would truly suck at this early a venture and the current server restrictions are not conducive to Guild growth.

Game play itself went very smooth for me, with very few glitches. I did have a couple crashes out to desktop, which I did not experience in the first BWE. But for the most part I played for hours unimpeded.  I did not take nearly as many screen shots this time around I was too busy just having fun.

Knight of Christ has set up our website and for those of you in the Guild or who wish to be, you can find it here. We are already having some discussions about rank names in the guild and various other things.  We will be using Skype for our voice chat in Guild Wars 2 as always so be sure and add me to your Skype. Nalora Burns.

We found this funny video that we all love, Enjoy!