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In Bards Suck on March 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm

I have been spending a lot of time elsewhere online, mostly in City of  Heroes and Guild Wars. Guild Wars 2 comes out pretty soon, the announcement that pre-orders would be accepted April 10th came out this week. I may switch up this blog to talk about other stuff, including politics, gardening, poetry and real life, because I cannot bring myself to go back into There for any extended period. I just do not trust Michael Wilson to run it anywhere but into the ground. He really has no understanding of the value of community building and trust, and all indicators to me point to him picking up with the same failed ideas and policies that made There die before. It was a nice reunion, however, and was good to see it again.

So on to other things, when I get the chance I will begin to switch this over to a normal blog.