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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In Tiki Tidbits on November 30, 2011 at 1:44 pm

I have been in world several times now that they have raised the log in limit and have been able to do a lot of organizing and building and thinking. I do have the deed to the Chihuahua Emporium Clubhouse in my inventory, and as soon as I am able to buy some Therebucks I will be renting it again. Anyone who wishes to contribute (who were members of the club) feel free to do so. The same rules apply, have fun, love one another and never ever let anyone shut you up.

In that spirit, the spirit of the Chihuahua Emporium I will probably unlock all the hidden posts on this blog, (even the one that sent a screaming herd of Michael Wilson fans to come and grief me here, there and everywhere.) I do wish to write about There, as I always have and to do a bit of my part to contribute to its Resurrection.  I was a bit upset when I finally got in world to see that all the writing disappeared, that none of the books and documents had been saved, but that is pretty typical of  There. I remember so well our fight to keep the Library alive and how Tangerine (God rest her soul) turned Tuma into a place where the written word and art could flourish, but then helped to create the “Word Grove” as well. The Word Grove has been revived, and I shall post some pictures of it later when I get my own Word Grove Paz built.

I of course stopped by old haunts, Kangaroo Island is being rebuilt, although when I was in world yesterday it was not on its spot, my guess is that Kangaroo has not been able to get in since the last reset when things were all pulled out. I did manage to rewrite a couple of my There History books and set them in place, although that is a long and tedious chore, so consequently only three are in world thus far. One is the Voting Rocks, and I did set my signs up, but they are all reset, so new questions ‘yay! I decided this time on the Favorite Nut? Question to have it be a race between Michael Wilson and Francis_7  instead of Peter_B and Lali, since I do not believe that either Lali or Peter_B revived their avatars. ‘sad.

I ran my usual run on the boat through Dune Valley into Zephyr, over to Duda and around the cove and back home, (although the back home part was a bit of a wash, I am out of practice and lost my way!) Anyway Zephyr is the trash pit it has always been, but wonderfully so, with noise, confusion and WTF?? abounding!

Some say it is a pit of hell and ugly, some call it home. I say it is a tradition and it should remain ever thus. As Sum_Wun so wisely put it: It is, what it is.

Duda is no different. Someday I will have to do a History of Duda and how it got to be such a crazy place, Every time I see Sum_Wun in world (which he was the other night and we took a wonderful boat ride together like we used to, until we hit a patch of rubberband that I recall from my days with Ken Duda trying to figure out WHY AM I STUCK IN THIS VORTEX OF HELL? In any case both of us had to log out to get out of it, I wish that Samsyn would create a /stuck command like they have in City of Heroes that just MOVES you when you are stuck. We both (Summy and I) could not tp out, could not drop off the boat, could not do ANYTHING til we relogged. I mentioned of course, wouldn’t it be ironic if we both DIED here?

When you come in from the Dune Valley side and not the bay you have a wonderful and apropos “Welcome to Duda Beach”:

I can no longer say that Christianity is the only religion that is mocked. *ahem* Although somewhere in the world perhaps, Cpl. Porter‘s “Christ the Redeemer” statue would be in the same state if it even still exists except in Cpl. Porter‘s (banned so the rumor is) pocket.

Duda Beach from the Bay side is much the same as it always is, a kind of land grab that will amaze you as you traverse it for the popup messages as you go from one paz to the next coming so quickly you think you are in some kind of old time flip it book.

Ken Duda, the neat-nut would be so proud. It is always interesting to me that a beach named for a man who wanted every single thing to be neatly in its place has a legacy in a virtual world that is anything but.

I will leave you with that to muse on til NEXT time. ‘wave


Segmentation Violations

In Quickie Update on November 11, 2011 at 3:35 pm

I logged in for a short while, then got a segmentation violation which forced a log out, and then I could not get back in, due to the world being “full”

So much for testing the world. I guess I could say: I tested it and yes, there are still the same bugs that have been there since 2003.